How To Make Our Fabric Fish

Grab some scrap fabric for a great rainy day craft activity and bring a touch of nautical style to your home

This week we’ve been reminiscing about our weekend at Port Eliot Festival. It was lovely to meet so many of our customers so we wanted to share our “How To Make A Fabric Fish” workshop with those of you who couldn’t join us!

Choose some of our printed fabric, raid your sewing box for a few little essentials and you should be ready to while away a rainy afternoon…

You Will Need:

4 different fabrics (felt is best for the head, fins and tail and cotton for the body)
Pinking shears
Needle and thread
2 buttons
Fabric stuffing

What To Do:
1. Print out our Fish Shape Template and cut out to give you paper templates.

2. Fold the cotton fabric wrong side to wrong side, lay one body template on the cotton fabric, draw around and cut out using scissors (be careful!). You should now have two cut out cotton body shapes.

3. Lay the two heads, two tails and fin templates on the felt, draw around and cut out using scissors.

Cut out section

The cut out sections ready to use

4. Trim the top and side fins with pinking shears to create a decorative edge.

5. Pin both sections of tail together and stitch 6 rows up the tail to hold it together and to give a fish tail appearance. Also sew some decorative lines along the top fin.

Decorative fin and tail stitching

Decorating the top fin and tail

6. Stitch the side fin on then pin the heads to the outside of the bodies, facing inwards. Stitch on.

Stitching head on

Stitching the heads to the bodies

7. Fold out the heads and lay the rest of the fins (except tail) on the outside of the bodies. Pin and stitch on to bodies.

Stitching on fins

Stitching all the fins to the bodies

8. Fold each side of the tail into the middle and pin it together to hold the shape.

Folding tail

Folding the tail

9. Put both halves of the bodies together facing inwards so all the fins match up and when you have sewn around the edge of the fish it will be inside out. Pin together and stitch around the body about 1cm from the edge, leaving a 2 inch gap on the bottom edge so you can turn it right side out and stuff it. When you get to the tail section push the folded tail inside and sew along the edge of the tail to secure it into the body just as you did with the fins.

Inserting tail

Inserting the folded tail into the body while you are sewing around the edge

10. Turn the whole fish the right way out. Bring the tail out first (watch out for that pin!) and then the head.

Turning out

Turning the fish the right way out through the stuffing hole

11. Stuff your fish from the head first, making sure to push the stuffing right into the corners and pad him out into a nice shape.

12. Sew up the stuffing hole.

Sewing up hole

Sewing up the stuffing hole

13. Stitch a button eye on each side.

Sew on eye

Sewing on the button eyes

14. Ta-da! Your finished fish! Why not make a whole shoal like we have in our windows, they look great hung from the ceiling on some clear fishing line.

Shoal of window fish