Create a hanging plant pot with The Makery

We’ve teamed up with our friends at The Makery to bring you some easy but beautiful craft projects to try at home.

As part of Seasalt and Pukka, Make Time, we’ve been finding different ways to pause and make space for ourselves and our loved ones. In the second of this new series, Kate from The Makery shows us how to bring a little nature indoors by creating a gorgeous macrame plant pot hanger.

Simple enough for even those of us who are crafting beginners to finish but stylish enough to display with pride, you only need a few materials to get going. The mindful knotting process involved in macrame is reminiscent of childhood friendship bracelet making, but with a more grown-up result. If you love making your first one, try out Kate’s extra tips for your second, such as adding chunky beads or brushing out the yarn to create a tasseled finish.

You will need:


Step-by-step instructions:

1. Measure and cut four lengths of string, each 2.8m long.

2. Fold the four lengths in half. If you have a wooden ring, pass the folded ends through it, then pass the cut ends through the loops to attach them to the wooden ring. If not, tie a knot in the folded end to create a hanging loop.

3. Divide the string into sets of pairs. Take one pair and tie them in a knot, 25cm down from the wooden ring (or hanging knot). Repeat for all the pairs of string, making sure all the knots line up.

4. Now you need to divide each string pair and create new pairs. Take two adjacent pairs. Take the left strand from the right-hand pair, and the right strand from the left-hand pair. Tie these in a knot, 15cm below the previous sets of knots, to create a new pair. Repeat for all the pairs of string, making sure all the knots line up, being careful to use the adjacent sets of string.

5. Repeat set four, this time tying the new knots with the new pairs 10cm below the previous knots.

6. Gather all the string, and tie it all together in one large knot, 6-8cm below the bottom sets of knots.

7. Trim the string to your taste − you can leave it long or cut it short! If you like, you can unravel the string or brush it with an animal brush to separate the strands and create a tassel effect.

8. Finally, you can put the plant pot in and admire your handiwork!

Stay tuned for more craft tutorials with Kate soon and show us what you make using #SeasaltArtsClub. Discover more about The Makery at and on Instagram @themakerykate.

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