Verity Parker Styles our New Collection

When London fashion director Verity Parker styled our AW19 press lookbook, she brought a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips on how to style our products in the freshest way possible.

She also gave us some insight into her world, what inspires her and what she thinks of the Arts and Crafts movement which inspired our AW19 collection.

What’s your favourite place to visit and thing to do when visiting Cornwall?

I walk, swim (in the summer) and visit pubs on repeat. I love Barbara Hepworth’s house in St Ives and the Tinners Arms in Zennor.

How did you get into styling?

I studied fashion at university and then got a job at Vogue when I was 21.

Who inspires you and why?

My fashion inspirations vary from job to job depending on what I am working on. But my overarching inspiration would have to be my mum with her beautiful, kind spirit and her natural style. One leads to the other, as with all inspirational women.

Do you have any favourite pieces from the AW19 collection? What are they and why do you like them?

I especially love the workwear pieces – jackets and overalls, they are so chic and easy to wear.

What are the best personal style tips you’ve picked up over the years?

It’s a cliche, but be yourself and be comfortable. Ease is very attractive.

What do you wear when you want to feel your most confident?

A good blazer.

The Arts & Crafts movement was our inspiration this season. Why do you think designers keep revisiting it?

This movement came at a really seminal time in the UK’s cultural history and is so inclusive, which is why designers of all backgrounds revisit it. I really like the fact that Seasalt have investigated and championed the women from this movement, who are less well represented than the men.

One of the movement’s values is about passing on skills, especially between women. Who have you learned the most from?

Career wise I learnt a huge amount from my Fashion Director at Vogue, Kate Phelan, her knowledge of art, culture, film etc was so wide spanning, I learnt something new every day.

Outside of your job do you have any other creative talents or hobbies?

I love to travel with my family where we always have cultural adventures as well as relaxing, I find travel very inspiring. I am also a huge football fan having had a season ticket at Brighton and Hove Albion since I was 11.

Verity’s favourite styles

“I really love the print on this summery feeling cotton dress. I’ve paired it with a washed denim jacket as I really love the workwear shape and the combination of what could be seen as something smarter (the dress) with something more casual (the jacket). With the trainers too, it’s super nice for everyday wear, but these dresses are also really good for event dressing with heels and jewellery.”

Sailor Shirt with Photo Album Skirt and Soda Ash Jumper (coming in September)

“I love the idea of styling knitwear with what might be seen as a more dressy skirt, I think it brings it down a little bit so you can wear it more easily. I also love layering, so push your sleeves up,  show your Breton, mix your prints. When worn with trainers it’s a perfect cool summer’s day outfit.

Metalcraft Dungarees and Long Cove Shirt (coming in October) with Conwenna Boots (coming in August)

“I really love Seasalt’s October launch, with the utilitarian overall dungarees. They look really beautiful with a checked shirt or a t-shirt underneath. Also, when you’re going out you can wear a jumper over the top to wear the dungarees more as a khaki trouser – they’re super versatile!”

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