The Inspiration Behind Our Latest Prints: High Summer at Potager Garden

The textures and colours of plants and succulents growing in Cornish gardens inspired our latest collection.

We spent an afternoon pottering about in Potager Garden near Falmouth, where we discovered a wealth of lush greenery, a riot of rustic terracotta contrasts and a terrarium full of ideas. Our new range of vibrant botanical prints is imbued with natural beauty that’s anything but garden variety.

Aeonium Garden

Seasalt Low Seas Sweatshirt - Aeonium Garden print

This pretty print is based on one of Kathryn’s illustrations of aeoniums, a succulent naturalised in Cornwall and the Scillies. She was inspired by the almost floral shapes of the big succulent parts and delicate little flowers.


Busy Lizzy Tunic - Astrantia

Loose ink sketches of astrantias growing in Cornish gardens from Kathryn’s sketchbook inspired this floral print. We love the way she’s captured the detail of the delicate flower heads.

Autumn Foliage

Seasalt Flower Show Dress - Autumn Foliage print

Based on a painting of rambling autumn foliage and berries by artist, Kaye Treloar (Sophie’s mum), this beautifully textured print captures the abundance of the season.

Stone Shapes

Seasalt Claytrails Top -Stone Shapes Ecru print

We love the abstract design and juicy colours of this print, created by Sophie Chadwick. The free-flowing shapes were inspired by sculptures at Tremenheere Gardens near Penzance.


Seasalt Larissa Shirt Repotting print

Succulents are a feature of many Cornish gardens and come in lots of different shapes and sizes. This fun print, designed by Kathryn Fowler, features propagated succulents growing in little terracotta pots. If you look closely, you can see some are coming in to bloom.

Calthea Leaves

Seasalt Seamstress Dress - Calathea Leaves print

Kathryn captured the intricate details of calthea leaves in this beautiful linear illustration. Pops of pink bring this print to life, highlighting the structure of these stunning leaves.

Layered Leaf

Seasalt Cobbs Well Top - Layered Leaf print

This striking, semi-abstract design was created by Sophie Chadwick. Featuring overlapping leaves and sculptural shapes, it brings together all the colours of the collection.


Seasalt Carnmoggas Dress - Terrarium print

This beautiful botanical print is based on a line drawing from Kathryn’s sketchbook of a carpet of succulents in a Cornish garden. For this print, she’s focused on the shapes to make the most of their flower-like forms.

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