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a secret seasalt guide. castle cornet

posted on July 18th, 2012 by sian

Castle Cornet

We asked all our shops to choose one place not to miss near them, and this is what Seasalt Guernsey chose…

“A beautiful battlement built in the 13th Century but not joined to the mainland until the 19th Century.

“Originally built to serve as a fortification to keep out the French and even our sister Island Jersey, today Castle Cornet is accessible by a causeway which is open to the public. As well as providing an amazing vantage point out to sea, the Castle itself provides the most magnificent backdrop to the town. And if you make it to the top of the fortifications it offers unrivalled views over the surrounding landscape.

“There’s all sorts of museums to gen up on the islands history and at night the entire battlement is lit up.”

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Image Copywrite: Flickr Joe.. Quinn

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