Supporting City to Sea on National Refill Day

Did you know that if we lined up all the single use plastic bottles bought across the world in 2016, they would extend more than halfway to the sun?

Most of these bottles are recyclable, but only 7% were collected for recycling. Refilling a reusable bottle is an easy way to prevent these bottles from polluting our oceans.

Refill your bottle at any Seasalt shop

To celebrate National Refill Day, we have teamed up with City to Sea, a not-for-profit organisation that’s helping people save money and the planet by drinking more tap water.

Many of our shops have dedicated refill stations, but ask at those that don’t and we’ll happily fill your bottle with refreshing (free!) tap water.

We’ve also donated £10,000 to further develop the already successful Refill app, which helps people save money, stay hydrated and prevent plastic pollution by directing them to their nearest refill station.

You’ll find all our shops and other refill stations listed on the app:

Download the Refill App

What else are we doing?

In 2018, we removed 18 tonnes of single-use plastic from our business per year, including making some big improvements to our packaging. Reducing our plastic waste is just one of the ways we’re taking responsibility for our impact, and this is just the beginning!

Find out more about our Better Packaging.