The inspiration behind our latest prints: Summer Days

Our latest prints are inspired by summer days spent drifting down the river, discovering hidden creeks, picturesque villages and deserted beaches, and the wildflowers and wildlife spotted along the river banks.

River Days

Busy Lizzy Tunic in River Days printLong, lazy days by the river inspired Kathryn to create this beautiful print, which captures life on the Helford River. Boats drift up and down, buoys add colour and distinctive maritime pines provide shade to sit and sketch – or simply watch the world go by.

Creek Flowers

Silhouette Top in Creek Flowers printThe creeks around the river Fal are fascinating to explore. Kathryn sat on the riverbank sketching the flowers, leaves and pondweed at the edge of the water to create the beautiful forms in this design.


Seamstress Dress in Oars printWatching gig rowers gliding across the water inspired Sophie to create this fun, colourful print. She was captured by the distinctive shape of the oars as they cut through the water in unison.

Lino Mackerel

Rushmaker Shirt in Lino Mackerel printThis striking linocut print of swimming mackerel was created by Kathryn Fowler. We love the sense of energy and movement these fish have.

Estuary Boats

Carnmoggas Dress in Estuary Boats printBoats sailing up and down the Fal estuary are captured in this impresssionistic print, designed by Sophie Chadwick. A light breeze ripples the surface of the water, making the sails billow.

Helford Herons

Bandstand Top in Helford Herons printWatching herons patiently waiting for fish on the banks of the Helford River inspired Kathryn to create this beautiful print. If you look closely, you’ll see that some of them have already caught their supper.

Durgan Meadow

Picnic Spot Dress in Durgan Meadow printThe bright blooms Kathryn spotted on a walk along the coast path near the Helford River inspired her to create this delicate and fun floral print.

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