Fabric Stories: Seasalt Yarn-dyes

Whether you prefer delicate stripes or decide to go big with dramatic bands of colour, we lay our love on the line to create superior stripes with stand-out colour and quality.

Seasalt yarn-dye stripes sailor top check skirt

Sailor Top & Biscornu Skirt

The secret to our stripes is the special yarn-dyed technique behind the design, where the threads used to create the cloth are dyed before they are woven.

Two or more colours are woven into the warp (the yarn stretched down the length of the loom) and only one colour in the weft (the yarn woven through the warp threads across the width of the loom).

All our striped products including our famous Sailor Shirts are created this way, to make sure our stripes look and feel beautiful and stand the test of time.

To create a checked fabric, we simply add more colours to the weft. Some of our best-loved yarn-dyes feature a pared back tonal palette, allowing the beauty of the fabric to be built up with the intricate craftsmanship of the weave.

Seasalt yarn-dye checked shirts

Yarn-dye checked Merriment Top & Arts and Crafts Shirt

Our designers enjoy experimenting with the scale and design of our stripes and checks to create a different look and feel for each piece.

Crafting our yarn-dyed fabrics definitely takes more work, but it’s worth it for the intricate patterns, stand-out colours and quality.

Seasalt yarn-dye checked top

Calenick Top