How-to: driftwood boats

Set sail with these beautiful driftwood boats using our new Fabric Bundles. Easy to make and with just the right amount of nautical charm, Anna from our windows team shows you how.

You will need:

-1 piece of small driftwood per boat

-1 large skewer

-Strong glue




-1 Seasalt fabric Bundle

-Pritt Stick

-Embroidery thread

-A needle

-Hessian twine

-Wire cutters

– A pen


1.Make a small hole in the middle of your foraged driftwood. Push the skewer into the hole, you may need to add some glue to secure it in place, trim your skewer to the desired length.

2.Cut two small pieces of wire about 1cm long and curl it into a small circle. Push the ends of the wire into the bottom and top of the driftwood and secure with glue.

3.Cut two large pieces of wire, one about 50cm long and the other about 40cm long. Sculpt the wire into a basic sail shape and secure with sellotape.

4.Cut a square of fabric and draw around your wire, leaving a 1cm gap all the way around. Cut out your shape.

5.Using a Pritt Stick, glue all the way around the edges and stick the fabric over the wire.

6.Once the glue has dried you are ready to attach your sails to the skewer. Cut a length of embroidery thread and attach the corners of the sails to both the driftwood and the skewer.

7.Cut a length of hessian twine, tie a knot at the top for you to hang your driftwood boat.


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