Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival 2018

We Cornish are a sea-faring bunch, so there’s nothing we like better than relaxing by the shore with a cold glass of something. Throw in a shanty band and, frankly, we’re never happier.

If you’re partial to a seaside sing-a-long too, then the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival is right up your street.

The festival will run from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June. We’re one of the main sponsors (naturally) so you can expect to see plenty of striped Sailor shirts and colourful Seafolly jackets as you wander through the cobbled streets of Falmouth – although we’re hoping it’s going to be a weekend for Palmaira sandals, not raincoats!

Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival celebrates the tradition of the humble shanty. These traditional work songs were sung to motivate the crew of trading vessels and Clipper ships, many of which would have docked here in Falmouth. The songs helped with morale and the rhythm helped sailors haul the ropes in time. It’s rumoured that, if a sailor wanted to voice a complaint about their officers, they would do so in the guise of a shanty so they would avoid punishment! Sea shanties are a strong part of our maritime heritage and still very much a big part of Cornish life.

The town will be filled with music and the atmosphere will be buzzing, and with some special performances just for us outside our shop, it’s not to be missed. Here’s the timetable below.

For more information on details of the day, have a look at the festival’s website here.