Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival – 2018 roundup

We have just returned, with a song in our heart, from the 2018 Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival – and what a weekend it was!

The streets were filled with the sound of music, laughter and multiple spoken languages, accompanied by the comforting aroma of fish and chips and salty air. The sun shone brightly on the shanty singers, visitors and locals attending this year’s festival, creating a buzzing atmosphere throughout the winding streets of Falmouth. We spotted lots of Seasalt prints as we wandered through the town – it was wonderful to see our clothing styled in different ways.

Performances were held at different locations dotted all around the area, from the Seasalt stage on Custom House Quay, to the Moor, Events Square and various pubs, shops (see our shop, below) and restaurants, watched by around 60,000 people.

Betty Stoggs, brought to life by the talented Fred Thomas, raised thousands of pounds for the RNLI, thanks to the generous donations of the festival’s visitors and townspeople.

Next year is set to be even better (we never thought it possible!), so make sure you book up for next year’s festival from 14-16 June 2019.


Watch our short film to see more of the 2018 Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival: