Pepé and Friends Show Us How They’re Wearing Seasalt

Dogs in Seasalt Handybands

We always knew your pets loved Seasalt – we’ve seen your pets playing with the packaging and sleeping on Jute Bags – but now, dogs the world over are going barking mad for our Dog Bandanas.

Pepé, our resident studio dog, is a big fan of our bandanas, and takes any opportunity to get in front of the camera to show us his modelling skills!

Whether your pooch prefers their bandana tied the classic way (or as we call it, The Pepé), like a cowboy, or as a cape, your pups have been popping up all over Instagram showing off their new, favourite accessory.


Instagram: @chasingdoodles

“When you try to carry off the relaxed beach look and end up more sweet old lady”- @catchingdoodles

Dogs in Seasalt Handybands

Zombie, Marilyn, Bowie and Iggy all the way from Portland, Oregon, showing off their Dog Bandanas on a visit to Yoho National Park in Canada!

Dogs in bandanas

Instagram: @hectorpickleton

Brother and sister, Hector Pickleton and Gracie Forest, look fetching in their bandanas.

Here’s Harris, from @theworldaccordingtoharris, sporting his bandana on holiday to the Cotswolds.

Instagram: @theworldaccordingtoharris

Seasalt Dog Bandana

Instagram: @veeandbear

Bear takes to the high seas in his Dog Bandana.

And Fudge is all dressed up to celebrate his 1st birthday in Seasalt style.

Instagram: @njfinlay

Even your kittens are trying them out…

cats in bandanas

Instagram:@steph_rosewarne and @rrrrrrachael

Designed by the sea for people (and pets) everywhere.

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