Matt’s Leach Apprenticeship – May Update

May 2

This month has been very busy in the pottery, we had the opening of the group show by the staff at the pottery (including myself) as well as lots of orders keeping us busy. The exhibition was an amazing experience and gave me a much greater idea of how to prepare and what to make in the future. It was good to see work I’ve made myself sat alongside the work of others from the studio.


I’ve spent most of this month making and handling mugs for orders, including a Seasalt order, and glazing the orders with Callum – the first Seasalt apprentice. I also loaded and unloaded bisque firings and helped with loading glaze firings.

May 3

Next month I will be moving onto bowls. I’ve been working on a shape for my own bowls, so I’m really looking forward to this as I’m hoping working on bowls for production will help inform my own work.

Seasalt Bursary Apprentice: May 2016 from Seasalt Cornwall on Vimeo.


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