Keep Your Garden Blooming


It’s June, and apart from this little patch of rain, we’ve been spending the month enjoying the sunshine in our gardens. Everything is blooming and it’s a lovely to place to be. Keep your garden looking its best with Trevena Cross’ top summer tips…

Hoe those weeds
With warmer, lighter days comes plenty of growth, and not always the wanted sort. Keep on top of rampant weeds with regular hoeing in beds and borders. On a dry day the weeds will soon wither and have little time to recover.

Conserve water to use for watering
Collecting rainwater in a water butt or container is an ideal way to conserve water, with many plants preferring this over tap water. Pots and baskets are likely to need daily watering with a thorough watering across the rest of the garden required at least twice a week.

Keep your deadheading hat on
Make sure your plants use their energy for producing beautiful flowers rather than seeds by removing the flower heads as they go past their best.


Introduce and manage perennial plantings
When it comes to perennials there are lots to choose from. Different varieties prefer different spots in the garden too, be it a sunny, shady or dry-shade area. They can provide so much wonderful summer colour in pots, beds and borders, and once established, with a bit of management, can also create new plants of their own, for free! Cut back clumps of spring flowering varieties to encourage fresh foliage, and lift and divide summer flowering types as they come to the end of their flowering period (probably in the next month or two) to create new plants. Taller perennials will need staking for support, and all should be kept well fed, watered and weed free during the growing season.

Stop unwanted visitors in their tracks
The beauty of a British summer is that you can be enjoying beautiful sunshine one minute, and rain showers the next! Beware of pesky slugs and snails when those damp conditions return, there is nothing they’ll enjoy more than feasting on new growth in the garden, particularly those veggies we’re all keen for them to steer clear of. Use child, pet and environmentally friendly management, like readily available Neudorff Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer – so safe the head of Neudorff ate some to prove it!

Schedule regular mowing
Weekly mows will keep your lawn manageable and in full health for the season ahead. Removing little and often will maintain the best quality, healthiest lawn. Add cuttings (in thin layers) to the compost heap for use later on as part of a rich mulch – your plants will thank you for it! As we head into summer, the lawn may also benefit from a quick-acting summer feed, especially if it didn’t get a spring feed, or it looks like it could do with a helping hand.

Top tip for the ‘grow your own’ garden

Maintain production in the kitchen garden
Harvest the fruits of your labour, including lettuces, salad leaves, radishes and early potatoes. You can continue to sow a selection of salad crops like radishes and beetroot, as well as French, runner, and broad beans, squash, sweetcorn and cucumbers, into well prepared outdoor beds – or get a head-start with veg plants from a decent nursery or garden centre.


Top tip for the ‘container’ garden

Plant out summer bedding, pots and hanging baskets
It’s time for hanging baskets, patio planters and pots to make colourful additions to the landscape and transform a home’s exterior if they aren’t doing so already. Petunias, surfinias, geraniums, begonias, lobelia, fuchsias and a wide range of other trailing and upright patio plants provide plenty of choice to suit pots and baskets in all locations. And if you don’t know where to start, you have the option of picking up the ‘ready-made’ article from a good garden centre; simply take home and position on the patio!

Once planted up don’t forget to water, water, water! Most plants will need watering daily. We find that the main cause of reported pot and container problems is a lack of water. Don’t underestimate the need for water, even if it has been raining. Light showers often won’t provide the level of moisture required by most pots and additional watering will be required. If you have lots of pots to water, or you are likely to forget to do it, it may be worth considering investing in an automatic watering system, which can be easy to install and cheaper than you might think. It will also solve any watering problems when you’re away on holiday.


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