Decorating with Colour at Leach Pottery

Annabelle's May update from the Leach Pottery, St Ives.

After seeing our April collection, Seasalt Apprentice Annabelle Smith felt more inspired by her surroundings in St Ives.

“As I mentioned last month, I started decorating in a more colourful way, in response to the tones you see around St Ives. This month, I have been concentrating on a soft vertical line style and trying various techniques to achieve the same pattern. I have made many faceted jars and notched out triangles on some of the corners for almost a year. I love the combination of line alongside an accent of shape here and there.

I started to break down this pattern to work out how to use it in different ways. I drew the pattern and knowing that you can layer up some glazes, I started to experiment.

“Here are the same lines that I have been using for a few months, however, I am now seeing them as messy faceting lines. This is a traditional Shino glaze by Svend Bayer, which we use in the studio for personal work.

I created this by dipping the bowl quickly in the glaze to keep a thin layer on the bowl, then after drawing the linear pattern in wax all the way around, I went in with a final dip in the same Shino.

It is a fantastic glaze, which creates beautiful surfaces and catches on texture. I’m really interested in making with different surfaces to catch glazes in particular ways.

“Finally, keeping the line quality the same but in a cobalt oxide, acting like paint, I added triangular shadows of iron oxide to mimic the cut outs on the first bowl, with one long dip in a low shine blue glaze.

I am amazed with how far you can go with one pattern.  Incorporating this into different forms will be really fun.

Outside of the pottery, now the weather is cheering up from April showers, I’m going surfing regularly. See you at the shore!”