Sailor Shirts & glaze experiments

We recently headed down to see Annabelle and get a feel for how she’s progressing. We were thrilled to see all the Leach team in their Seasalt Unisex Sailor Shirts!


“Seasalt have been back to see us in our new Unisex work tops and we all love the material. At least one of us wears this shirt on any day because the fabric is so useable. It’s lightweight but feels very strong and keeps you at an easy temperature when working inside or outside.


On a separate note, I’ve found that when you are working in the studio, it’s easy to get distracted by the creative buzz of the team. On rare occasions, you might pick up the wrong material and mix a completely different glaze to what was intended. So far in my Leach Pottery journey, this has been the happiest of accidents. I have re mixed the ‘wrong’ glaze with an oxide addition to create this matt, silky to touch with tones of blue glaze. The Leach has a strong connection to Japan and as a nod to that relationship, I like to try and emphasise the quick hand-made qualities of production, by allowing every step of the pot making process to come through to the finished piece.

This new glaze compliments the slow turning and faceting marks by breaking into a darker colour line where the clay edges start to come through. Just above the foot of the jars, you can see the outline of my fingers where I held the pot upside down to dip it into the glaze before the final firing. All of these subtle marks are unique to each piece and so, to accept them as unintentionally intentional is to go with what the hand does naturally.”