Matt’s Leach Apprenticeship – April Update

March April 1

This month I have spent most of my time making egg cups, mugs and tiles for a Seasalt order. Seasalt placed an order for 1000 tiles, which are all hand cut and cleaned. 200 were to be slipped and decorated; 50 with boats, 50 anchors, there were 50 engine houses and 50 pairs of fish. I enjoyed doing this and am looking forward to seeing how they turn out after they’ve been glazed.

March April 3

We also had a visit from Seasalt this month to see how I’m getting on. They did some filming and asked me about my experiences at the Leach so far.

Next month the pottery is having a show of work made by all the staff, not just from the studio but from all areas of the Leach Pottery. I’ve been spending time working on my own designs and trying out some new and bigger things than what I make for the standard ware.

A yunomi - a Japanese teacup

A yunomi, a Japanese teacup, I’ve made

And finally I didn’t write a blog post for March as I was off for most of it because … my fiancé and I had a baby, a boy named Sam!



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