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buoy oh buoy new shop windows

posted on May 16th, 2012 by Emma

Our window dressers have been at it again, creating more beautiful displays for us to marvel at. Here is some of their hard work, though if you’re local why not take a stroll past..

Featuring on the left, the Sheba Coat in Zennor and on the right the Sculptor Smock in Float


With, Sailor Shirt in Ecru Zennor, St. Agnes Vest Top in Float Sonar Shorts and the Tall Wellies in Split Pea Light Squid.

With the Neckerchief in Marine French Navy and St Neot Trousers in French Navy.

With the Kids Handyband, Nippers Sailor Shirt in Bubblegum Ecru, Sunflower T-Shirt in Hanky Dot Ceramic, Seaweed Skirt in Ceramic Bubblegum and Sea-Leg Leggings in Ecru Bubblegum.

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