How to Paint a Watercolour Lobster

Jennie Maizels from Sketchbook Club® shows us how to create a salt-textured crustacean in this virtual art class, suitable for all ages and abilities

To help fill our days with creativity, we asked a group of our talented artist friends to share workshops, draw-alongs and more.

In this easy-to-follow painting tutorial, illustrator Jennie Maizels will help you recreate her textured watercolour lobster at home.

Step by step instructions

  2. Start by transferring the lobster to your sketchbook by drawing over the outlines across the whole of the Lobster image with a firm HB pencil. Turn the paper over and position the Lobster on your page and scribble over the back with a lead pencil firmly, making sure it doesn’t move around too much.
  3. Using orange, red, yellow etc. watercolours, fill an area with watery paint, leaving a blank area where the shell would be lighter.
  4. Now sprinkle some salt liberally over the area. Feel free to add a few darker red/brown touches of watercolour around the salt, then LEAVE TO DRY.
  5. Work around the Lobster trying to avoid working on two pieces next to each other.
  6. Next once the Lobster is dry, gently rub off any excess salt, leaving behind any smaller pieces secured on by the paint.
  7. Finally add any details using a thin brush, try adding tiny dots of darker colours in watercolour and white gouache and maybe some toothbrush splatters.

You will need

An HB pencil
A set of watercolours
Size 1 and 6 brushes
Some flakey seasalt
White goache for highlights (optional)

About Jennie

Jennie Maizels is a Hampshire-based illustrator who makes art accessible through her brilliant online Sketchbook Club®. She studied illustration at Central St Martins and went on to create fantastical window displays for Harvey Nichols, illustrate numerous pop-up books and design beautiful iron-on patches – or clothes plasters – to repair and personalise clothing and interiors.

Jennie has previously hosted art workshops in our Seasalt shops, so we were delighted when she agreed to share some online tutorials for our customers and staff. Her virtual art classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and you’ll learn lots of useful tips and tricks along the way.

We will be bringing you lots more from the Sketchbook Club® over the coming weeks and there are more tutorials available over on Jennie’s Sketchbook Club®.

We’d love to see your lobster paintings! Show us what you create on Facebook or Instagram using #SeasaltArtsClub.