Caring for your Seasalt knitwear

Taking a little care of your knitwear pieces will keep them looking perfect, year after year.

We take great care to source the finest yarns and blends for our knitwear and we’re proud of the though and expertise that goes into each piece. With a little care, your pieces will last year after year. Watch our handy video to find out how or read on for our top tips.

Fold, don’t hang

To help wool or cashmere garments keep their shape, store them folded in a drawer rather than hanging them in your wardrobe. Hanging knitwear can cause them to stretch over time.

Removing Bobbles

Some degree of bobbling or pilling is to be expected with natural yarns. As your knitwear is worn, the yarns can rub, which creates little balls of fluff.
To remove any bobbles, we recommend using a lint shaver, or de-bobbler. Once you’ve removed the bobbles a few times, you should find your knitwear bobbles less.
Turning your knitwear inside out to wash it may help reducing bobbling in the wash.

Washing your knitwear

Each garment comes with its own washing instructions. Please follow these carefully to help you keep it in the best condition.  Gently re-shape your knitwear while it’s damp, then dry it on a flat surface, away from direct heat, which may shrink the fibres.
Avoid twisting or wringing knitwear, which can stretch it out of shape.
When it’s dry, you can use an iron on a light steam setting, to remove creases and flatten any stray fibres – and your garment should look as good as new.

Avoiding moth holes

Moth holes are caused by moth larvae, rather than the moths themselves. To minimise the risk of moth holes in your favourite jumpers, store them with cedar balls, which contain natural oils that kill moth larvae.
If you find moth holes in your knitwear, put it in a sealable plastic bag then pop it in the freezer for two weeks to kill the moth eggs.

Pack away for the summer

Stains, sweat or deodorant residue can damage the fibres of your knitwear, so it’s a good idea to wash your knitwear before you pack it away. Make sure it’s completely dry and well aired before you store it, as even a little damp can cause mould to grow.

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