Seasalt joins the C100 Club

Seasalt has recently joined the Cornwall Community Foundation C100 Club, a group of like-minded local businesses who believe in social responsibility at grass roots level. They offer financial support to volunteer-led community groups to help improve the lives of people in Cornwall, especially those who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable.

Cornwall Community Foundation logoEach year, every member of the C100 Club donates money into a collective pot of funds. Local groups are invited to make applications for funding, which are reviewed by the C100 grants panel to make sure they satisfy the key criteria:

  • Improve community spaces
  • Provide a service the whole community can benefit from
  • Support/facilitate businesses and communities working together
  • A charitable organisation that supports children and young people in Cornwall

The money is then divided and awarded to local projects where the panel believes it will make the most impact.

How the grants process works

We chose Kathryn Fowler, our print designer, to represent us at the C100 Club Grants Panel Meeting. Here’s what she has to say about the process:

I was sent a hefty pack of written applications, and I found it incredibly interesting to see how varied the projects and applicants were, and how many fantastic projects deserving support are happening right now in Cornwall.

The grants panel meeting was held in Truro, and along with the other representatives from C100 businesses, we were able to discuss and vote on the applications. It was great to speak to members of the panel who had been involved with the C100 Club members for several years. It soon became clear that it was going to be hard to decide where the well-deserved funds should go!

The C100 Chair (Ian Taylor) and the CCF Grants Manager (Kirsty Philpott) led the meeting, and from the start it was apparent how much work has gone into each and every application, as well as all of the hard work that the CCF puts into making sure the charities and projects are eligible for the funding. Ian ran through all the applications in brief, before we looked at them in detail.

It was interesting to learn that it can be difficult for some of the projects and applicants to secure funding; the C100 grants can make a real difference to local groups. The applications were all inspiring, written by individuals who are trying to make a real change within their community, and create a positive impact that will benefit those around them. Often rural and isolated communities are in desperate need of projects like these, so it was incredible to see how many brilliant people we have in Cornwall who are passionate about improving the county that we all love.

We had such a variety of applicants, from community groups to foodbanks and churches, just to name a few – and it was incredible to see that they all shared a common goal in enriching their communities. We were able to vote and award the money to those most in need.

I left the meeting feeling very inspired by all of the fantastic projects happening across the county now – and proud that Seasalt is involved with working to help develop a better Cornwall.

Details of which community groups were awarded grants will be shared on the Cornwall Community Foundation website soon.

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