Seasalt Salcombe Take On The World Pilot Gig Championships

With the World Pilot Gig Championships taking place on the Isles of Scilly just days away, we caught up with Emma (from our Salcombe shop) to find out all about her team’s unintentional entry…

My team and I are lucky; we live, in our opinion, in the most stunning area of the country. Most of the Seasalt team moved to Salcombe to be by the sea, to have sand between their toes and to live a lifestyle people would envy.

At a meeting last year we watched as a boat rowed effortlessly along the estuary and realised that none of us had been in the sea past our ankles for years, breaking the vows we’d made to ourselves to never take living by the sea for granted. We’d also been pointing out our wobbly tums and bingo wings, blaming childbirth for what it had done to our bodies. At least that was the excuse we’d clung on to avoid admitting we actually hated exercise!

Wanting to do a bit of team bonding, we discussed potential ideas that could include the sea or some form of gentle exercise, when some bright spark said, “what about that?”, pointing to the gig we’d watched earlier.

Two days later, there we were, six of us in an amazingly colourful array of Seasalt Wellies and Handybands, already fed up as we were told we were ‘veterans’! We tried our best to launch the 35ft boat and desperately clung onto oars way too heavy and long for us. After an hour, we were broken. Mascara ran down our cheeks, our hands were blistered, and our Handybands were doubling up as sweat bands – they worked perfectly! Thank goodness it was a taster session and we wouldn’t have to do it again.

Or so most of us thought… Caroline came bounding into the shop the next morning announcing our entry into the 2017 World Pilot Gig Championships!

We wish Emma and the team all the best of luck. Check back next week to see how they got on.