Meet Our Seasalt Families – Part Two

Kit and Kelly

Kelly and Kitty were the latest of the Seasalt team to take to our photo studio with their families to put our SS16 collection to the test. We went behind the scenes on the shoot to find out all about them…

Kitty, Content Team, and sister Tess

Kitty and Tess

Tess >
What do you admire about your sister?
I admire Kitts because she always finds the positives in life, she’s always smiling and she’s so caring. 

Do you think your sister shares any of your traits?
We are very similar – we have the same sayings and expressions in our faces. Often people mistake me for Kitty! I would say we share the same style too.

What was the best thing about the outfits you were wearing?
The best thing about the outfits was that they were so comfortable, and I felt so relaxed wearing all the clothes. I think the accessories like the hat and clutch bag added something different to the outfit too and made it quirky.

Kitty >
Tell us about your fondest memory together…
Ah, I have so many! Most recently, we took a trip to Amsterdam for a long weekend and Tessie had heard about a beautiful old patisserie, so we went on a mission to find it. After lots of walking and map reading, we found the most delicious sweet treats there!

What was your favourite item and why?
I really liked the Fineliner Dress; I wouldn’t usually choose a sleeveless dress, but I felt really comfortable in it. The shape is flattering and I love the texture of our linen and cotton mix fabric. I’ve spotted a stripey version of this dress in the latest collection, the Pearl Oyster Dress, which I just might have to get. It’d be great for work, weddings or summer evenings out.

img779 grey

Kelly, Seasalt Buying Team; her aunt, Lynne; and sister-in-law, Jenna

Kelly Lynne Jemma

Lynne >
What did you enjoy about the shoot?
I really enjoyed the photo shoot, which surprised me as I hate having my picture taken. The make-up was fun, the environment was very friendly and relaxed and I was with two of my favourite people.

What was the best thing about the outfits you were wearing?
The clothes were lovely, well cut and beautifully comfortable and coordinated. I particularly liked the reversible skirt. What a good idea!

What was your favourite item and why?
My favourite was the sandals. They’re great colours, amazingly comfortable, and perfect with skirts or jeans. I’m going to buy some as soon as they are available.

Jenna >
What do you most admire about Kelly? 
No matter what life throws at her, Kelly will tackle it with the biggest most beautiful smile ever!

Tell us about your fondest memory together…
On my wedding morning, both Kelly and Aunty Lynne came to my parents’ house for bucks fizz and we all got ready together. It will stay with me for ever.

What was the best thing about the outfits you were wearing?
I loved that the styles suited us all, even though we are different heights and ages.

Kelly >
Do you think you all share any traits?
We all have the same sense of humour and love to have a giggle. We also all enjoy a glass of wine in the Cornish sunshine.

What are Jenna and Lynne’s talents?
Auntie Lynne is the most wonderful musician. Currently singing and playing the keyboard in two different bands, she has the most beautiful voice.
Jenna has a wonderful way with people, and you instantly feel at ease in her company. She is also the most wonderful hostess and throws amazing parties!

What was your favourite item and why?
The dress was beautiful. The print is unique and so pretty. The V-neck is a flattering cut on me. I am twenty-one weeks pregnant and I find most maternity clothes are quite boring. It is lovely that  I can still fit into regular sizes.

img779 grey

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