It’s Time To Start Planting


Spring is here and it’s time to tackle that long list of satisfying garden jobs! Colour is starting to erupt all over the place as everything begins to come back to life after a wet winter, and while we’re still getting our fair share of ‘April showers’, overall things are definitely on the up.

The ‘grow your own’ garden

Time to ramp up sowing and planting
It should now be warm enough to sow seed outdoors, especially for beetroot, carrots, summer cauliflower, lettuce, leeks, radishes, peas and spinach. If seed is not your thing, or you’re not quite feeling brave enough just yet, a good local garden centre should also have a wide range of established veg plants to give you a head-start, just make sure you have some fleecing to hand for those freak cold nights. Veggies preferring warmer climes like tomato, sweet pepper and cucumber plants can also be brought on (or sown) in the greenhouse or undercover.

Keep planting onion and shallot sets
They prefer an open, sunny site in a well-drained soil. A quality soil with plenty of organic matter will encourage the best results, as they are fairly limited rooters and so won’t travel in search of their own nutrients found deeper beneath the ground.

Chit and plant out seed potatoes
It’s also time to chit and plant out second earlies and then maincrop potatoes this month.Mulch fruit trees and other shrubs
A good mulch of compost or bark on beds and borders will be appreciated in anticipation of warmer temperatures and upcoming growth spurts.

Get your first spring bedding
Splashes of colour can be achieved with the first spring bedding – it will continue to come thick and fast at your local nursery or garden centre as the season progresses, joined by thousands of different patio plants for fantastic spring and summer colour.

Fertilise as the temperature rises
Be sure to feed beds, borders and containers with a general-purpose fertiliser, to give plants a ‘spring boost’ and encourage growth spurts. At the same time, keep on top of unwanted growth, stamping out troublesome weeds as soon as possible.

Improve lawn condition
The lawn should be looking a bit smarter after an initial spruce-up but time to give it some TLC as required. Sow new seed where needed and repair bare patches. If not in need of extreme treatment, a lawn feed and moss killer should at least help restore it to its former glory.

trevenna-cross-illustration-april-02 Top tip for small patio gardens…
Bedding and patio plants offer the perfect opportunity to get creative with pots and window boxes, whether with colour coordinated seasonal displays or quirky mix and match planters like old welly boots, paint cans, or colanders! Purpose-made pots have also come a long way in recent years, and you’ll likely find a very wide range of light, modern, colourful pots at your local garden centre.

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