Creative diaries: behind the scenes at our Jubilee Pool photoshoot

We transformed a wild autumn day into carefree spring scenes at one of our favourite poolside spots.

We’re not only inspired by Cornwall – it’s our home. Shooting our collections on our doorstep is one of the ways we tell the story behind our designs and values: apart from a short hop over to the Isles of Scilly last summer, we’ve always photographed our collections in Cornwall. We’re fortunate that we’ve never yet struggled to find stunning backdrops for our collections, and have returned several times to the Jubilee Pool: a 1930s icon of the Cornish Riviera that’s just a short walk from our first shop in Penzance.

Hannah and Mo, usually behind the camera in their roles as Seasalt photographers, modelled our collection this month. We love using staff as models, and our 40th birthday has given us an extra opportunity to celebrate some of the people who are usually behind the scenes.

The fact that we shoot each collection a few months ahead of time meant that instead of the beautifully sunny spring day Hannah and Mo are dressed for, it was actually a bitterly cold one in autumn.

“The tail end of storm Aiden had the waves crashing against the lido wall and created a gorgeous sky” describes Mo.

“I’ve done a few shoots now and it was so much fun to do this one with Mo,” agreed Hannah. “It was a stormy October day that needed to look like spring. Luckily between shots we were covered in blankets and hot water bottles – and given lots of coffee! We were both amazed at how warm the images looked.”

On the day, we had just a taste of the extreme weather the pool is exposed to throughout the winter. Hannah describes the salt tang in the air, and how “at high tide the waves were coming over the wall”. Since 1935, the pool’s distinctive triangular shape helped withstand the ferocity of the Cornish seas until severe structural damage during winter storms forced its closure in 2014.

We were proud to help fund the restoration of the pool through our Save Our Lido campaign, with the pool reopening in 2016. Since 2020 swimmers have been able to enjoy balmy waters heated to up to 35⁰C, when Jubilee Pool became the first geothermally heated lido in the UK, pioneering low-carbon technology with its own geothermal well.

Hannah sums up the way we all felt when looking at the images: “Jubilee is an amazing location and I can’t wait to go back for a swim in the summer.”

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