40 Faces of Seasalt: Deap Khambay, Head of Sustainability

In our 40th year, we're celebrating people in our community who make a difference - like Deap, who is leading our sustainability journey.

Deap Khambay has worked with us for just over three years, as our first Head of Sustainability. A keen environmentalist, she makes sure that being kinder to people and the planet is woven through everything we do. 

Living in Cornwall, I feel constantly grateful for our beautiful surroundings. Being in nature is really grounding and for me it brings a lot of peace. It helps remind me what is important in life.  

I love supporting and guiding the business to continually deliver positive impact to our people, planet and business. It is wonderful to work with key heads and directors of departments that are taking the lead on contributing to the overall sustainability strategy because they are so passionate about the work that we do.

One quick win we were able to make was in our packaging, by making it plastic-free and fully recyclable. We’ve also introduced our volunteering programme, which gives our staff a day of paid leave to help a charity of their choice. In 2019 we spent 3000 hours of volunteering and our target is 20,000 by 2025. 

Our product teams are working hard to make all our cotton GOTS certified, which is the gold standard of organic cotton, as well as growing other sustainable fabrics across our collectionsWe’ve worked with most of our suppliers for a long time. They’re an extension of the Seasalt family. I’m so proud of how the sourcing, compliance and ethics teams were able to support them through the last year. 

At Seasalt we’ve still got more work to do, but we’ve made a great start.

The thing I am most proud of is actually the ambitious sustainability commitments we’ve set for the next few years. We’veput our stake in the ground and are continuing to work towards improving our impact. 

I’m excited to see what we can achieve. Our ambitions are high but our people are hardworking and passionate, and sustainability has always been intertwined with the DNA of our brand.I’m incredibly proud of how enthusiastic and motivated everyone is – we’re all looking to the same goal.  

What gives me an extra level of purpose is knowing our customers care, too. They want to know about the suppliers we work with, the lasting quality of our products and what they’re made from.  

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