Getting Creative with Colour in Seasalt Linen

Many of our linen pieces have their roots in artists’ smocks and aprons, and with their rich garment-dyed hues inspired by the beautiful Cornish coastline, what better way to test out our new range than with a landscape painting workshop at the Newlyn School of Art?

We took along members of the Seasalt team who work across the business in a whole range of roles, giving everyone the opportunity to get creative and experiment with colour.  Artist Imogen Bone, who creates contemporary impressionist landscapes, showed us how to understand the colour wheel and use it to mix our own colours, using a selection of paints to create a huge variation in shades.

Frances, from our projects team, experimenting with colour mixing

Working with a limited selection of acrylic paints, we mixed our own colours to create a palette reminiscent of a person or a place. Imogen showed us her palette for Venice, including a translucent zingy orange appropriately named ‘spritz’, and for Kendal, a darker collection featuring deep earthy greens and greys.

After a well-earned lunch break, we started looking at landscape painting. Imogen showed us how she works, using a limited colour palette to create her landscapes and utilising different techniques like scraping and removing paint, and using crayons over the top.

Imogen often paints 'en plein air' - outside, in the landscapes of Cornwall she loves.

Then it was our turn to put these techniques into practice. We worked from small reference images of the Cornwall and Scilly coastline, thinking about the ways that the light hits the landscape and any memories we might have of that place to replicate it in paint. Becoming more confident in our use of paint, our own individual styles started to shine through, and the end results were stunning.

“Friends and family could not believe that I had painted what I took home. I was amazed that, with some artistic input on colours, we could produce some great pieces of work.” – Belinda, from our wholesale team

"It was amazing to have my style compared to Van Gogh! Such an interesting and calming day, I'll definitely keep practising." Karen, from our payroll team

Thank you to Imogen for spending the day with us and encouraging our creativity with colour, using techniques like layering, scraping and using pops of bright colours.

In the same way, whatever your creative outlet, let’s be bold in what we’re wearing and experiment with colour: we love pairing unexpected colours together, or mixing and matching prints and stripes.

“What complete joy. I think I was surprised at how different my creations were to the rest of the group.” – Helen, from our Penzance shop

Thank you to the team at Newlyn School of Art for their expertise, and keep an eye out for more painting tips from Imogen as we share more from the day on future posts.

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