Island Hopping: Our Summer on Scilly

Life on Scilly revolves around the sea. We spent last summer catching boats between the islands, reconnecting with nature and each other.

The harbour of St. Mary’s is a hub of boating life on the Isles of Scilly. From its busy port, working boats head out to fish the surrounding waters, ferries carry eager birdwatchers and sailing boats harness the Atlantic wind.

We spent our time on Scilly gathering inspiration from the abundance of beautiful wildlife and rich stories the islands offer. Our field trip stretched across the archipelago, and so we learnt to live by the tides, our schedules ruled by the nature of the sea and sky.

We adjusted to the slowed pace of the islands, settling into a calm creativity fueled by the white sand beaches, stretches of wild flower meadows and the endless expanse of the surrounding ocean.

This month’s collection draws from the weather-faded colours of St. Mary’s flotilla, the bright nets, buoys and ropes of fishing boats, the dark shells of fresh lobsters and the sparkling cyan of the sea.

We looked to capture the ease of bright sunny days by the water, with light linen crops, easy cotton tops and soft summer dresses.

organic cotton sailor striped top with linen wide leg culottes

Sailor Shirt & Spring Tide Culottes

Sailor T-shirt, Albert Quay Crops, and Bullfinch Jacket

On returning to Cornwall, we looked to create relaxed, feminine and flattering styles in soft and breathable natural materials.

Our new prints and palettes are inspired by our other-worldly summer on the Isles of Scilly, as we aimed to bring the joys of island life to all our Seasalt Friends.

Inspired by the island’s wild flowers, print designer Kathryn Fowler hand painted this striking Watercolour Floral, using tonal shades to create the bright and bold design that speaks of summer days.

The Belle Dress

Our Mallow Flower print on the soft linen Primary Dress is a celebration of summer and the natural beauty of the Scillies. Hand-drawn by Amy, another of our talented print designers, it brings a beautiful pop of colour to brighten any day.

The Primary Dress

We explored the open landscape and hidden coves of each island, gathering an abundance of inspiration to create a collection that brings joy and excitement for the summer months ahead.

On our return, Seasalt artist Matt Johnson mapped out the islands, pin pointing some of his favourite spots.

Looking back at our time on Scilly and reliving the treasured memories, we feel so lucky to be so close to such beautiful places in nature and hope to share a piece of Scilly with our community wherever you may be.