Glass milk bottles at Seasalt design studios

We’ve always tried to run Seasalt so that it has a positive impact on the world around us, and we run our shops and design studio mindful of our impact on the environment.

So one step towards reducing plastic waste at Seasalt design studios was to swap plastic milk bottles for old school glass bottles. With more and more people determined to cut down the amount of plastic they use, the milk round is seeing a resurgence.

Cows at Treleague Dairy, Cornwall

Some of Treleague Dairy’s 160 milking cows.

Thanks to Treleague Dairy, based on the Lizard, we now have fresh Cornish milk delivered to our doorstep in glass bottles that can be rinsed and returned to be used again and again.

As many of us hadn’t seen glass milk bottles since our childhood, our new milk deliveries have caused a bit of a stir here this week. Using glass milk bottles at work has inspired several members of staff to try and get milk delivered at home, too.

If you’d like to swap plastic milk bottles for glass, visit Find Me a Milkman to find out about deliveries in your local area.