Porthleven’s Great Baulk Project – Raising Funds For The Fishermen’s Mission

During the ferocious winter storms of 2013/14, thirty foot waves battered the Cornish coastline. Porthleven, one of Cornwall’s beautiful harbour towns, was badly affected by the fierce weather when waves smashed though the harbour defence baulks. The two-ton beams broke away and floated around the harbour as if they were match sticks and sadly many boats were also damaged beyond repair.


During this challenging time, the Fishermen’s Mission provided emergency grants to fishing families as some of the fishermen couldn’t get to sea for up to 6 months. Thanks to the enormous generosity of the public, the Mission were able to allocate over £110,000 in the south west alone.

The charity are now turning this experience into a positive and are embarking on a new exciting fundraising project. With the kind permission of the Harbour Master, the Fishermen’s Mission have been given the broken pine baulks. Inspired by a local wood turner who created a beautiful candle holder from the rough wood, they’ve enlisted the support of many artists, makers and creatives as well as famous faces such as Dame Judi Dench and Caroline Quentin to produce over 80 unique pieces. These will be sold at an auction in May, in aid of the charity.

Keen to lend our support, we agreed to take 6 of the wooden boards and, by working with the Design and Technology Faculty at Helston Community College, we’ve etched a bespoke illustration created by one of our own Seasalt designers onto the boards.

They will be on display in our mainland Cornish shops from February until the auction so there’s plenty of time to pop in to view them before you bid!
Saturday 18th March, 4pm at The Atlantic Inn, Porthleven
and online at davidlay.co.uk