Meet Our Mother’s Day Families – Penny and Laura

Penny and Laura from Dorset joined us last week to take part in a very special Mother’s Day photoshoot.

We sat down with them to find out what it is they love about Seasalt, what they admire most about each other and how they found the day.


Q. What made you apply for the photoshoot competition?
A. It sounded fun, so I thought why not!

Q. What is it about Seasalt that you love?
A. The fabrics – great designs, the casual style and great quality. Plus, it’s Cornish!

Q. Do you think Laura inherited any of your traits?
A. Love of food, flowers and family. Good cook and sense of fun.

Q. What is your favourite activity to do together?
A. Walk along the beach, followed by cosy coffee in a café.

Q. What did you enjoy most about today?
A. It was great to meet some of the Seasalt Team, and to be made so welcome. It was lovely to see people drifting in and out too.


I have always loved Seasalt products, and now that I have visited the home of Seasalt, I will love it more!!!



Q. What was your reaction when you found out you’d won?
A. Surprised!

Q. What do you admire about each other?
A. Resilient and family orientated

Q. Do you think you’ve inherited any of your mum’s traits?
A. Yes, a love of food, flowers and the beach

Q. Tell us about your fondest memory together…
A. When my first daughter was born

Q. What did you enjoy most about today?
A. Hair and make-up, spending time with mum!

Q. What was the best thing about the outfits you were wearing?
A. Not things I would usually choose which was nice.

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