Charity Jute Bags – Raising Funds For Fishermen’s Mission

We’ve raised over £50,000 for the Fishermen’s Mission!

This year we’re determined to raise even more funds with our new Charity Jute Bag campaign. With the help of some of our well-known friends, each with their own connection to the sea, we have five new designs for you to add to your collection.

Each celebrity has created a beautiful design for our LIMITED EDITION Charity Jute Shoppers, inspired by their time in Cornwall, to support UK fishermen and their families. 50p from each of these bags goes straight to Fishermen’s Mission who help raise vital funds to support UK fishermen and their families.


This year’s designers follow in the footsteps of Dame Judi Dench, Eleanor Tomlinson and Caroline Quentin, whose bags sold out within weeks of their launch.

Get your hands on a limited edition bag and help support our seafaring friends.

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Watch our video to see behind the scenes of our press launch at Outlaw’s at the Capital Hotel:


So here’s where the Fishermen’s Mission comes in and why we think it’s a cause absolutely worth getting behind… it’s the only charity working around the entire UK coastline that provides 24 hours emergency support as well as crucial practical, financial, spiritual and emotional care to fishermen and their families.

There’s no escaping the sea when you’re in Cornwall – happily it’s almost around every corner. And at the heart of Cornwall’s culture and tradition industry are our fishing communities. Cornwall and it’s seas are beautiful & calm for lots of the year; but come the bad weather they can be perilous. In fact, fishing is the most dangerous livelihood in the UK.