The inspiration behind our February prints

The artistic and maritime heritage of St Ives is an endless source of inspiration for the Seasalt design team. The town’s Porthmeor Studios, right on the edge of the Atlantic, have been home to some of the world’s most influential modern artists, like Terry Frost and Patrick Heron. This weather-beaten building symbolises a lasting way of life in the town, where artists and fishermen have worked side by side for generations.

Beyond Cornwall, we also looked to The Omega Workshops, founded by members of the Bloomsbury Group including Vanessa Bell, and found parallels between the two artistic communities. Our February prints were inspired by the textiles and ceramics of the Omega Workshops as well as the abstract canvases and sea views at Porthmeor Studios.

Maud Boats

Women's Larissa Shirt in Maud Boats Print - Seasalt Cornwall

Sophie created this geometric boat design in the style of one of the most famous designs of the Omega Workshops, ‘Maud’. This bold, expressive design features boats sailing in and out of St Ives Harbour and is full of energy and movement.

Flower Collage

Inspired by Omega Workshop florals, Jonny created this dynamic, eye-catching botanical design.

Stencil Leaf

Women's Window Box Dress in Stencil Leaf print - Seasalt Cornwall

The bold, brushed leaves, on our Stencil Leaf print reference Vanessa Bell’s designs for lamp stands and lampshades for the Omega Workshops.

Studio Boats

Gazing out of the studio window at distant boats gave Kathryn Fowler the idea for this dynamic print. Abstract shapes and mark making build up hidden sail motifs within the design.

St Ives Floral

Women's Art Gallery Top in St Ives Floral print- Seasalt Cornwall

St Ives is one of the most beautiful towns in Cornwall, particularly during the spring when bright blooms in window boxes and planters add a splash of colour to the winding streets.

Palette Boats

This bold print features painterly, abstract boat shapes, which remind us of days spent exploring Cornish harbours. We can almost hear the cries of the seagulls as they follow the fishing boats coming in with their catch.

Studio Flowers

Women's Lake Dress in Studio Flowers print - Seasalt Cornwall

Kathryn’s linear floral combines patterns and mark making to create a striking print which features flowers growing near our studio.

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