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Our families are really important to us. Not only are we a family run business, but we’ve also got lots of families working at the studios. So who better to show how great our collections look on all ages than our very own mums and daughters.

Three families came to our photo studio in Falmouth to try out our new February collection. Here’s a little peek behind the scenes of the shoot and snippet of what our families had to say…

Lottie Rollason, Seasalt Buying Assistant and her mum, Michelle

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What was your favourite item and why?
Michelle: had to be the bag!  I’m definitely buying all the colours.
Lottie: I loved my dress. The pretty floral pattern and vintage shaping is right up my street.

Tell us about your fondest memory together…
We have lots to choose from but if we had to pick it would be the first time we went out for tea and cake after I had my little boy, just me, mum and Austin out and about. Sharing those special days together means a lot.

Lottie >
How would you describe your mum’s style?
Classic twin set mummy style!

Tell us about Michelle’s talents…
Mum is a fantastic cook! She’s a dream Granny to my little boy.

Michelle >
What do you admire about Lottie? 
The way she accessorises all outfits.

Tell us about her talents…
She is a very creative person and a wonderful mummy.

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Laura Watson, Seasalt Product Director; her daughter, Tilda; and mum, Carol

What do you admire about Laura?
Everything! Her determination and organisational skills. Her artistic talent, and after an incredibly busy day she will still find time to help her children with school projects. She’s an amazing mother and daughter.

Tell us about your fondest memory together…
It’s very difficult to pinpoint just one fondest memory, there have been so many. One really lovely one was when our border collie, Bess, had puppies. Without us knowing, she had dug herself a den under the roots of an old tree. We phoned the vet who told us to leave her there. She stayed in the den until about 4pm, when we heard little squeaks, but had no idea how many babies she’d had. Laura was still small enough to crawl inside and pass out 8 puppies, and a very exhausted mother. We brought them all up to the house and had 8 weeks of fun and enjoyment, until we found homes for them all.

What was your favourite piece from the shoot?
Can I have two? I loved the green Long Seafolly Jacket. I loved the colour and styling, everyone said how much it suited me. I also really liked the Wild Ground Crops; they’re stretchy, with a great print and very flattering.

Laura W>
How would you describe your mum’s style?
Classic, colourful and stylish – she loves to accessorise with a pretty scarf or necklace.

What do you admire about your mum?
She is a very kind lady and always makes time for people. She is always massively enthusiastic and interested in what her family are up to and is incredibly supportive. I’ve also always admired my parents’ marriage – they are still best friends.

And Tilda?
She is such a confident, clever, creative and beautiful young woman – I couldn’t be prouder.

Do you think Tilda inherited any of your traits? 
Tilda is very creative, and loves clothes – she is dead set on becoming a fashion designer, so I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

What did you enjoy about the shoot?
Having that special chance to have some nice photographs taken of us all together, and being able to put one in a frame at home. The team were all lovely and made us feel very relaxed, but it was odd being on the other side!

Tilda >
What do you think you inherited from your mum?
Her love for pretty, sparkly, shiny things. Sunbathing, yet I’m not as able to keep still as she is. I’ve also inherited her hair, and we think very similarly. We’re really alike, when she was my age she was very much like me, thinking about career choices, head girl applications and art. Textiles and design is one of my favourite lessons and I definitely have that love towards it from both my mum and dad. It’s kind of weird thinking about it because it’s like I’m a mini her.

Tell us about the shoot…
I loved the shoot, it was so interesting to see what goes on at a professional photo shoot. Everyone was so lovely and made me feel very welcome. It was great to see my mum and grandma get their make up done and just get to smile and laugh together in front of the camera.

What was your favourite item and why?
I loved the neckerchiefs, they’re so easy to wear and in a beautiful array of prints. The new mustard Long Seafolly was also my favourite. Yellow is my favourite colour, and it’s such a classic, easy to wear jacket.

img779 grey

Laura Ellis, Online Marketing Assistant, and her mum, Ros


Laura E >
How would you describe your mum’s style?
Mum’s style is fairly casual, she’s always comfortable in a nice pair of jeans and a pretty top. She has a real love for prints and scarves. She also loves any excuse to get dressed up, especially if we’re going out for dinner or to the theatre.

Tell us about Ros’s talents…
She’s an amazing baker and can turn her hand to pretty much any cake. She’s a skilled crafter, we’ll often have some kind of knitting or sewing project on the go at the same time, and love a good chat about how it’s going. She also has a brilliant talent of getting us completely lost when we go out for the day, but somehow always manages to find a good café!

What did you enjoy about the shoot?
I loved spending time with my mum in a way we never usually do. The shoot was really relaxed and we had a good giggle. Seeing her get her hair and make up done, a treat she doesn’t often allow herself, and how she grew in confidence in front of the camera made me love her even more – if that’s possible!

What was the best thing about the outfits you were wearing?
I loved both of our outfits. It was really fun seeing us in our matching stripes, but how different they looked in the two styles. Mum looked amazing in the coloured Cliff Trousers.

Ros >
What do you admire about Laura?
Her kindness to others especially to her ageing grandparents.

Do you think she has inherited any of your traits?
She has definitely inherited my love of food and crafts.

What did you enjoy about the shoot?
Great to have fun and feel comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere. Made me realise how lucky I am to have such a lovely daughter.

What was your favourite item and why?
The Bisque Sweatshirt was versatile and would go with most things. Ideal for just throwing on over a vest top during chilly summer evenings.

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See all the final shots over on the website. Keep an eye out for Lottie’s new baby boy, Austin, who was just too cute to leave out of the photos.

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