40 Faces of Seasalt: Our Shops

It’s our 40th birthday this year, and to celebrate we're shining a light on 40 of the many people who have made Seasalt what it is today. 

This month, we’re meeting some of the absolute stars of Seasaltthe people who make and run our shops. Their passion has always set Seasalt apart whether they’re helping you find the perfect outfit or designing our most sustainable store ever, and over the last year we have seen their resilience and kindness shine

Hannah started working at our Penryn shop while studying at Falmouth Uni four years ago. She is now the assistant manager at our flagship Falmouth shop.

Our home in Cornwall: I grew up in Cornwall and feel very lucky to live here. I love being so close to the sea and having beautiful walks right on my doorstep. This has been a particular blessing during the last year!  

Your inspiration: Our customers, their bold approach to mixing prints and colours and looking fab whilst doing so! I also love the fact that they care about where their clothes come from. 

The future: The launch of the concept store last year really showed our commitment to sustainability, and I’m excited to see how we progress with it the future! It’s so important. 

Jana has been the digital manager of our online shop for three yearsShe is an ocean-lover and self-professed data geek who can be found most days walking along the coast with her dog Scooby. 

Our home in Cornwall: I appreciate that the next beach is never far away. I can go for a surf in the morning before starting work! 

Your inspiration: The creativity and energy of my colleagues and how we work together as a team.  I’m also always inspired by the lovely feedback we get every day from our customers. 

The future: I am always excited about the beautiful collections that we bring out, and this year I’m especially excited about our focus on sustainability. We’re also finding ways to better understand how customers shop online and improve their experience. 

Rob helps to design our beautiful shops. He was instrumental in the creation of our Norwich store, which was developed using local suppliers and a more sustainable approach to reduce the shop’s carbon footprint by more than a two thirds.

Special memories: The opening of each store marks a significant milestone. We take huge pride in our work, and it is a wonderful moment to introduce a local shop team to their new store following months of hard work. Walking through the Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford to our new shop was quite special. It was inspiring to see our store set within such a significant, large scale retail environment.

Our home in Cornwall: Katie and I moved to Cornwall 11 years ago and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The sea, landscape, beaches, creativity, history and people make this the most special of counties.

The future: I’m really excited about Seasalt Light, our new and more sustainable design for stores and other retail environments. The team were very proud to see the launch of the first concept store in Norwich using this approach and design philosophy.

Read more about our concept store in Norwich, with its sustainable approach to design, or check back next month to when we’ll be interviewing more of our team and asking our community to share special Seasalt memories.