Find Your Breathing Space in Nature

Let us whisk you away to the beautiful Isles of Scilly with our island soundscape and mindful walking tips

This month, we’re launching our new activewear collection, Breathing Space with colours and prints that draw on the Scilly landscape. To celebrate we wanted to share some of the peace we found on this beautiful archipelago that’s so close to our home.

Our team captured sounds from the shoreline to whisk you away.

And if you are getting out to explore the winter landscape near you, here are some ways to make your walk more mindful…

Walk with all your senses

Making your walk a meditation can be as simple as paying more attention. Listen to all the sounds – nearby and far-off. Tune into your sense of smell and breathe in all the scents of winter outdoors. Feel your connection to the earth with every step.

Notice the beauty on your doorstep

Train your eyes to be curious about your surroundings. Whether it’s ripples in water, lichen on a rock, waving seaweed in a rockpool or the veins of a leaf. Observe shape, texture and colour. To help you look at your environment in a fresh way, you could photograph or sketch the details you see.

Be energised by the elements

Embracing the winter outdoors means getting out whatever the forecast. We’re well practised at this in Cornwall, where the weather can change in an instant. Layer up and welcome whatever comes.

Go somewhere unfamiliar

If you always leave your house and turn right, turn left. Follow a different path in your local woodland. The daylight hours are precious at this time of year. If your days are busy, walk in the evening and look up at the stars, get out at sunset or dawn and enjoy the beautiful winter light.

Breathing Space styles to explore in: