Seasalt Volunteers at ShelterBox

Seasalt Volunteers spent the day at ShelterBox on their 'Thank You Day', here's what they go up to.

Before the new year, a group of Seasalt Volunteers spent the day helping out at ShelterBox as part of their ‘Thank You Day’.

ShelterBox are a charity who, with the help of supporters, provide emergency shelter and aid for families whose homes have been taken away from them by natural disaster and conflict.

What our volunteers got up to

Our team of Seasalt volunteers managed to thank over 1,000 people on behalf of ShelterBox, writing 650 personal cards and calling over 500 people individually.

One of our volunteers, Charlotte, said: “I enjoyed seeing inside such an amazing charity, they do such fantastic work and it was nice to give back to them and help with something even as small as writing letters.”

Example of a ShelterBox sent to those in need

In 2018 alone, ShelterBox supported over 40,000 families with emergency shelter and essential household items. With continued support, they’re working towards a world where no family is left without shelter.

Fiona, who volunteered on the day, said: “We had a brilliant day; it was a real eye opener and inspirational, it’s confirmed our interest in wanting to do more to help an organisation like this and get involved in more volunteering in our own time.”

ShelterBox visitor centre

ShelterBox visitor centre

Following the launch in July 2018, almost 1,000 hours of volunteering have been completed by our Seasalt Volunteers at the design studios and distribution centre in Cornwall for causes close to our hearts. Seasalt set up the Volunteering Initiative to give employees an extra day of annual leave to spend time to connect and engage with charities they want to help.

So far we’ve supported a range of charities, from cats and dogs to beach cleans, primary schools to Age Concern and many more which you can read about here. Keep your eyes peeled to see what our volunteers get up to in 2019.

How you can help us give back

For every pair of single socks we sell, 20p is donated to charity.  The money we raise goes to a variety of causes and projects throughout the year.*

*The 20p donation applies to both full price and sale styles, but excludes our multipacks of socks, House Socks, Fair Isle Socks, Welly Socks & tights.

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