Breathing Spaces, Special Places

Discover the unique Cornish locations that give the Seasalt team space to rejuvenate.

It’s the time of year when many of us want to boost our energy and wellbeing. Our Breathing Space collection has been designed to allow you to move your body, calm your mind, and create some time for yourself by getting active in whatever way you love. Crafted from our favourite natural fibres and featuring prints inspired by the landscapes around us in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, we’ve referenced the local surroundings in which we love to find our own breathing space.

We caught up with some of the team at the design studios in Falmouth, to find out about the special places in Cornwall that people find give them space to rejuvenate.

Roughtor Bodmin Moor

View from the top of Roughtor

Roughtor, Bodmin Moor

“A walk along any stretch of Bodmin Moor is always refreshing, but the top of Roughtor is one of my favourite places to take in the Cornish landscape, and really find perspective when things get a bit overwhelming.

On a clear day you can almost see coast to coast, from the rugged cliffs and wide sandy beaches of Bude and Polzeath to the clay hills of St Austell and the fishing villages to the South. Even on a cloudy day the wide open landscape and fresh air is exhilarating.

What makes Roughtor unique for me are the logan (or rocking) stones at the top; huge granite boulders, shaped by natural forces, perfectly balanced on top of one another. Seeing them standing so strong in the Cornish elements, challenges me to realign my perspective, find inner strength and appreciate the little things in life.”

Gaby, Marketing team

horse riding Gwithian Beach

Sophie on Gwithian Beach

Gwithian Beach

“This is the perfect stretch of coast to find some space both literally and mentally. I love riding my horse on the beaches around Cornwall, but Gwithian is especially lovely. With such a huge expanse of sand, we can just relax and let our horses paddle in the waves or canter along the shoreline.

It’s even great in the winter, if we wrap up warm. The beaches can be deserted and are both bleak and beautiful.”

Sophie, Customer Service team


Godrevy Point

“I love taking walks all across the Cornish coast but the walk around Godrevy is particularly spectacular. My favourite time to visit is during the autumn months when the tourists are gone and the landscape has that beautiful golden haze. There’s nothing like feeling the wind coming in from the ocean to wake you up and feel refreshed. Seals can be found bobbing up and down in the surf or asleep on the beach below. The trick is trying to work out which is seal, and which is stone!”

Steph, Social Media team

Culdrose Military Wives Choir

Culdrose Military Wives Choir perform outside Seasalt Falmouth

Culdrose Military Wives Choir, Helston

“I find my breathing space with the Culdrose Military Wives Choir. We’re based in Helston and do concerts throughout the year at different locations across Cornwall, especially around Remembrance Day and Christmas. And of course, the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival, where we get to perform outside the Seasalt shop.

Although the Military Wives Choir is a national charity, each choir in each location has a special community of its own. It provides wonderful support and friendship for military personnel and families – our motto is ‘sing, share, support’. Being part of a choir is so rewarding, and singing is great way to escape and find space in a different way.”

Polly, Sustainability team

Porhtallack Helford River estuary

Porthallack, Helford Estuary

Helford Estuary

“There’s something about being by water that is not only very calming but also particularly inspiring. The Helford River is one of my favourite tranquil places. It’s a flooded river valley with a deep and wide tidal estuary, so it’s at once coastal and very sheltered, with wooded shores and secluded coves. There are paths along both sides of the estuary, and lots of little spots where you can get right down to the shore.

I love to head down with a notebook and pencil, walk for as little or as long as I feel like then find a quiet beach and take some time to write. Sometimes I’ll spend more time gazing at the water, watching the birds and the boats than I do putting pen to paper, but it’s an important freeing process that allows space for creativity. It’s also the sort of place that’s never the same from one day to the next, so however many times I go there there’s always something new to see, a different way to look at the landscape, always more to write about and to inspire.”

Merryn, Product Marketing team

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