Blogger Cornish Ramblings on her breathing space

'Walking is my mental Ctrl+Alt+Delete.' Jody, the founder of Cornish Ramblings, tells us how she finds her breathing space.

It’s the time of year which many of us can find stressful. Others are working towards their resolutions for the new year. With that in mind we designed our new Breathing Space collection. A collection to inspire you to find some energy and to look after yourself.

The range has been crafted from natural fibres that breathe and move with you, in energising colours and prints, inspired by Cornwall’s granite landscapes and sculptural forms. We invited blogger Jody, founder of walking group Cornish Ramblings, to try out some of our new collection and tell us how she finds her breathing space.

“One of the main reasons I love getting out for a regular walk, is the fresh air and breathing space. I don’t know about you, but I find the only way to clear my head from the muddle of a work day or the haziness from lack of sleep, is to take myself away from busy towns or built-up areas. Out into the wide expanse of space that us Cornish folk are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep.

Walking is my mental Ctrl+Alt+Delete. It gives me time to reflect and break up chaotic days into manageable chunks. I love walking so much that almost three years ago, I started a walking group called Cornish Ramblings. Fast forward to today and I’ve got a steady stream of ramblers joining me for walks across Cornwall every month, and plenty of new places ticked off my Cornish rambling bucket list.

The benefits of walking

Taking people for walks has become one of my favourite things to do. I’m slightly biased because I adore walking and find the benefits of getting out there astonishing. Not only for your physical health but your mental wealth too.

When I see the faces of those who have come along for a stomp, flushed and smiling widely, I get a sense of euphoria to know there are others out there experiencing the same adrenaline kick from hiking that I get.

I decided to take my walking group on our first walk of 2019 to a favourite place of mine, a National Trust treasure, Trelissick Garden. Just outside of Truro, its close enough for me to nip to for a walk, but far enough away to get me out of the city and feel I’ve escaped civilisation.

Surrounded by 300 acres of woodland and countryside, you are instantly transported into an area with so much air, you’ll feel a little giddy. With stunning gardens to wander through, the striking Trelissick House to explore, a second hand bookshop and a café with a delicious selection of cakes to reward yourself with, Trelissick really does have it all.

Nestled beside the River Fal, there’s ever changing views to keep you company and wildlife to entertain you. As the group made their way down to the beach, we were treated to an unexpected dolphin show. A pod of at least 30 dolphins were dancing out of the water, leaving my ramblers and I a little overwhelmed at their beauty.

When it comes to putting together an outfit for a walk, I like to ensure there are three areas I’ve looked at before leaving my house. Comfort, practicality and style. I like to look fairly coordinated with a sprinkle of colour.

I have a big coat addiction. I’ve now started using my coat as the landmark at the beginning of each walk so everyone knows where to congregate. I’ll ask any new ramblers to look out for the lady in the green/pink/blue/yellow/navy/maroon coat, who has a pretty Cocker Spaniel at her feet.

Jody on the wall with her dog

All in all, I felt pretty good whilst trekking around Trelissick. Considering I’d indulged a little over the festive period, I hadn’t been feeling my fittest and bulges seem to have sprung out across different areas of my body. But with the great company to chat to, the views across the river and woodland, and a fabulous new outfit to feel good in, the New Year has certainly started as it means to go on.”

Jody at the gate in Trelissick

If you’d like to join Jody for a walk then head to the Cornish Ramblings website for more information or find her on Facebook.

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