The Inspiration Behind Our January Prints

Cornish sea air is revered for its beneficial properties, and our new collection is inspired by spending time at the coast to refresh and revitalise. With vast stretches of sand and sea, and sometimes the whole beach to yourself, all cares drift away.

We’re looking forward to spring, getting outside more and feeling good by the sea. You’ll find sailing boats, seedlings and spring buds on our latest unique prints, and our palette of fresh greens, seagrass and greys with bright pops of colour is sure to raise all our spirits.

Spring Buds

Spring Buds print

Walks along the coast path inspired Sophie to create this pretty floral, which captures the essence of spring in Cornwall. As the land begins to wake up, fresh new leaves unfurl and the first buds begin to open.

Layered Berry

Seasalt Layered Berry print

Bright, juicy berries bursting with flavour nestle amongst smooth, curved leaves in this vibrant print, created by Sophie Chadwick. It’s almost good enough to eat!

Crayon Seedling

Seasalt Crayon Seedling print

Kathryn created the leaf pattern in this distinctive print using all the different textures and marks from her crayon and watercolour resist drawings.

Spring Leaf

Seasalt Spring Leaf Print

Kathryn used papercut leaves to create this pretty print. Inspired by beech leaves, it anticipates the coming of spring and has a fresh, vibrant feel.

Lime Stamp

Seasalt Lime Stamp print

This design started off as a potato print. We love the way Sophie’s focused on the shape and texture of limes to create this fun and juicy print.

Ever wondered how the team bring our prints to life? Read our Story of a Print blog and watch for yourself how a print goes from concept to shop floor.

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