Where Do You Find Your Breathing Space?

It’s often easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life. We end up rushing about, with never-ending to-do lists. But if you don’t make time for yourself, stress can soon build up.

Taking time out to relax, refresh and revitalise is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Whether it’s a walk with the dog, a jog around the park, or working in the garden, spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to switch off. A brief lunchtime stroll is enough to give you a bit of a boost during the week – and get you away from your computer.

With the launch of our new Breathing Space collection, we started thinking about different ways to unwind and enjoy our beautiful coastal surroundings. We caught up with a few people at our design studios and asked them the question: where do you find your breathing space?

Woman looking out to sea

“Being in or near the ocean makes me feel grounded and happy. It’s a magical place where I can forget about the stresses of life.” – Jana

“When I need space I like to walk up the biggest hills I can find – something not so easy to do in Cornwall! Carn Marth is near where I live and from the top you can see the Carrick Roads and Falmouth on the south coast, right round to St Agnes and Portreath on the north coast. There’s even a hidden lake at the top, which is the perfect place to sit and while away an afternoon.” – Rachael

Sea swimming - woman in wetsuit

“I’m a very busy person and tend to rush around a lot, swimming is my time to slow down and unwind. If I’m stressed, worried or have a lot on I tend to forget when I’m in the sea, taking in all the beautiful colours, sea life or even concentrating due to the current when it’s a choppy day. I love how different one day is to the next, you never know what the ocean has in store, like stepping into another world for a while.” – Katy

“Floating in the canoe on the water at Ruan creek, listing to the curlews.” – Sian

Coastal view - Cornwall

“The South West Coast Path is where I find my breathing space. I love to feel revitalised by the sea air, accompanied by some of the most dramatic and stunning views in the county. If we pass one of the National Coastwatch lookout stations we always call in to see which boats are on the radar and say hello to the volunteers who provide the eyes and ears along the coast. They have some of the best views along the trail!” – Nikki

Woman on coast path

“My breathing space is anywhere I can walk. My unofficial motto is ‘muddy boots, clear head’ and I’m lucky in that I live about 10 minutes’ walk from the coast path. There’s 300 miles of it skirting the Cornish coastline with a stunning variation in landscapes to explore along the way. I love looking out for all the birds, beasts and wildflowers that we share this beautiful space with.” – Merryn

Woman on the beach

“Going for a walk in the woods or sitting on the beach and listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore always helps me clear my head. I love writing fiction and poetry, so I usually have a notebook with me when I’m out and about to jot down any ideas – I’m always inspired outdoors.” – Fiona

How do you find your breathing space? Do you have a favourite activity or a special spot where you enjoy spending time outdoors?

Breathing Space - Seasalt Cornwall