Meet our Seasalt Families – Sam, Rosemary & Holly

Meet Sam, her mum, Rosemary, and her sister, Holly. Sam works in our product team here at the studios, and along with her mum and sister, took our January collection for a spin in our latest Seasalt families photoshoot.

Sam, from our product team
How would you describe each other’s style?
We all like to dress up for an occasion – any excuse for a new outfit! I think we all take pride in our appearance but don’t really follow fashion. We know what suits us.

What do you admire about your mum and sister?
My mum is very kind and generous – she would do anything for us. I know I can rely on her for anything. She is also an amazing cook. Holly has a wonderful sense of adventure – she’s travelled solo to some fantastic places. She’s always up for trying new things.

Tell us about your fondest memory together…
We all went to see Muse at the O2 last year. It was mum’s first time at a huge gig and she loved it. We were so close to the front. It was great!

What did you enjoy most about the shoot?
I’ve never done a photoshoot before and loved the experience. I love being fussed over – hair, makeup – amazing! It was a lovely thing to do with mum and Holly that most people never get to do.

Seasalt Families

Holly, Sam’s sister
What do you admire about your mum and sister?
They are both honest and kind hearted and very selfless, always looking out for each other. My mum is an amazing cook, whilst my sister is great at baking.

Do you think you inherited any of your mum’s traits?
Love of food, cooking, animals, being creative and interested in travel and foreign cultures.

What is your favourite activity to do together?
Sam and I like to run together, go to the theatre and eat out. I like cooking with mum, theatre, eating out and walking / exploring local gardens.

What was your favourite piece of clothing & why?
The floral dress as it was a lovely fit, nice and slimming, and pretty print. I loved the style, vintage style.


Rosemary, Holly’s mum
What do you admire about your daughters?
Girly, honest, energetic, optimistic, kind

Do you think Sam and Holly have inherited any of your traits?
Lots of hair, love of theatre, eating outs. Love of cats.

What was your favourite piece of clothing & why?
Floral blouse and navy cords because that’s what I would wear during the day usually, and I live in boots so very me.


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