Fabric innovation: Seasalt Tin Cloth®

Lady wearing a navy tin cloth coat in a field of daffodils

We have an Australian to thank for the traditional fisherman’s oilskin waterproof coat. At the end of the 19th century, seafarer, Edward Le Roy re-purposed worn out sail canvas into coats and then painted on a mix of linseed oil and wax. He had developed a durable, breathable, waterproof layer for fishermen and sailors that offered strong protection against those unforgiving elements out at sea. It was the linseed oil that gave the oilskins their distinctive yellow colour.

Inspired by these waterproof fabrics of long ago, we decided to create our very own interpretation of an oil skin. Unique to Seasalt, we used organic cotton canvas and a high-tech waterproofing treatment to create a new, bespoke fabric – Tin Cloth®.

Giving the oilskin a feminine twist, our Seafolly Jackets have gone on to become a Seasalt bestseller, not just in Mustard yellow but a whole rainbow of colours.

While it’s often imitated, it’s the original and the most hardwearing waterproof cotton you’re likely to find anywhere.