Amélies’ Mackerel Scotch Egg


Mackerel are plentiful in Cornwall during January and February, and in many places along our coastline.

This delicious oily fish is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is also a good source of vitamin D. There really is nothing like freshly caught mackerel grilled and served with seasonal vegetables or salad.

For something a little different, why not try this scotch egg recipe from Amélies in Porthleven? This classic dish has been given a very Cornish twist — instead of the traditional sausage meat, it uses smoked Cornish mackerel.

To make four smoked mackerel scotch eggs you will need

5 free range eggs
400g of MSC-certified smoked mackerel
200g of breadcrumbs
100g of flour
1 lemon
10g of coriander
Salt and pepper for seasoning.
Fryer or deep pan filled with vegetable or sunflower oil.


  1. Put a deep pan of water on the heat, and add a pinch of salt. When it starts to boil, slowly add four of the eggs, lowering them in on a spoon.
  2. Set the timer for exactly 6:30 minutes. Once the timer goes off, take the eggs out and cool them with cold water. Once they are cold you can peel them and dry them on some kitchen towel (be careful, the eggs are soft boiled).
  3. While the eggs are cooling, take the skin off your smoked mackerel and put the fish into the food processor, together with the coriander and the zest and juice of your lemon. Season well.
  4. Blitz the fish completely until it is almost a paste.
  5. Beat the remaining egg, and then set out the flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs in that order.
  6. Cut a square piece of cling film and lay it on the table. Make a nice ball of fish (about 100g), put it in the middle of the cling film and press it to make a round disk.
  7. Place the egg in the middle of the disc then take the four corners of the cling film and put them together, squeezing the egg gently in the palm of your hand. Twist the ends to create a perfect sphere shape.
  8. Take the cling film off and place the balls in the flour, egg and bread crumbs in turn. Get the oil ready at 160 degrees and fry your scotch eggs till golden brown.

This dish can be served hot or cold. Serve simply on some dressed leaves and tartare sauce or curried mayonnaise (mayonnaise with a little mild curry powder).

Mackerel recipe

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