Our Fisherman’s Garden Inspired Prints


Flowers and fishing boats are bountiful around Cornwall’s coast, often being found together, with the odd boat parked up in the yard, flowers sprouting at its base, ready for repair and waiting for high tide.

The prints in our latest collection reflect just that, a happy blend of Cornish flora and our fishing heritage.

1734348_3 300px wide

Oyster Dredger

Oyster dredgers, also known as Working Boats, play a big part in our fishing heritage.  When they’re not gathering oysters from the river beds they can be seen taking part in regattas across the county. This bright geometric print was created after watching the Falmouth Working Boats racing in the summer, filling the sky with a patchwork of triangular sails.

Berry Branch

1723557_3 300px wide
Wild berries pop up all over our Cornish hedgerows and their bountiful branches were the starting point for this print. The simple pattern was created using a batik technique, drawing the pattern in wax before dying. The wax resists the dye giving a silhouetted effect to the design.
1733235_3 300px wide

Fishing Boat Salt

Sophie Chadwick created this quirky design using a woodcut she made in her Falmouth studio, where she has a fantastic view of the little fishing boats going in and out of the harbour. Creating the woodblock by hand gives the print a real textured and artisanal feel.

Wild Garlic

Springtime sees drifts of flowering wild garlic the line the footpaths and riverbanks of Cornwall. Its clusters of tiny white bells inspired Sophie to create this charming print.
1735857_3 300px wide

Moorings Wreckage

Small wooden rowing boats moored alongside each other in Cornish harbours are one of the sights of the summer. Their higgledy-piggledy charm translates beautifully into this artful print.

Textured Daisy

1736168_3 300px
Our coastal paths and clifftops are scattered with an abundance of wildflowers. Sophie created this vibrant print while sketching daisies on the Cornish cliff tops. The stylized blooms, with their rippling texture echoing the sea below.

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