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hungry for stripes?

posted on January 17th, 2012 by sian

Dick and James Strawbridge

Being hungry, on telly and a man seems to be a bit of a trending topic at the moment, what with Hugh’s boys and Dick Strawbridge hitting the screen at the same time. Lucky for us, they all took a bit of a jaunt through our beautiful piece of the world, all sporting some of our famous stripes.

Famous for going green in the Cornish countryside, Dick Strawbridge’s new television adventure launched this week. The series charts the journey he takes with his son as they sail around the UK coastline, cooking up a storm using all the food our seas have to offer.

And what could be better suited to a seafaring expedition than some of our sailor shirts? Plus, Dick really does have the perfect moustache. Stripes + tash = experienced sailor (perhaps only in looks though?).

The Hungry Sailors is showing on ITV, every day at 4pm for the next four weeks. For more information, or to catch up:

2 Responses to “hungry for stripes?”

  1. Dick Strawbridge says:

    Just to say James and I love your clothing and the company’s ethos, we’ve been wearing it for years – and lets not forget, its not just for sailing! Cheers Dick

  2. sian says:

    Great to hear from you Dick and lovely to hear you’re a Seasalt fan :) We do love that tash of yours! Good luck on the journey, send us some piccies so we can post them up on the blog!

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