Pretty Circle Scarf
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Pretty Circle Scarf


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90% Wool, 10% Silk

If you're a fan of our Pretty Printed Scarf, you'll love this stylish circle version. We've used the same luxurious blend of wool and silk, which is lovely and warm for cooler days, but still lightweight. Choose from a variety of unique Seasalt prints, inspired by Cornwall.

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Fit: True to Size 
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I have this in a woodcut floral print, which is exquisite (print designers - thank you!). It's a generous length and lightweight, which combine to make it extremely versatile. That is, it can be worn loose or double wrapped for more warmth around the neck and it can be worn with cotton tops or wool sweaters or jackets. I haven't washed it yet, but it sounds from another reviewer's experience that extra care is needed. Even so, I would rather not have a washing label actually attached to the scarf, as that would spoil the look.

Posted by  •  15th January 2020

* * * * *

Lovely versatile scarf.

I ordered the Painted Paving Ecru and I absolutely love it. The colours are gorgeous, bright and cheerful. Lovely versatile scarf which goes with almost everything. I will definitely wear this loads.

Posted by  •  6th December 2019

* * * * -

Lovely but pricey

This scarf gets 4 stars as its great but a bit on the dear side. I went for the Linear Crescent Beacon colour which looks great with navy and blue. I like the scarf turned over my neck 3 times . Im petite and this way the scarf doesnt drown me X

Posted by  •  5th December 2019

Fit: True to Size 
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Problem with washing Pretty Printed Scarf

I just read Nelly Ma's comment and was pleased to see that I was not the only one to have a mishap with washing my beautiful Wool and Silk mix scarf. Mine also came out felted and in the size of a baby scarf when I washed it in the wool/silk wash programme using a silk wash detergent Unfortunately I am not able to find a replacement for my "Pretty Printed Scarf" "Studio Flowers Calico" B-AC12304-15715 anywhere anymore. If there are still any available somewhere I would be grateful for information. Many thanks Carola Tipton

Posted by  •  30th November 2019


Thanks for your review, sorry to hear your scarf shrunk after machine washing.
Sadly we no longer have stock of this particular design. However we have plenty of other wonderful new options available.
Do take a look at our full collection

* * * * *


Beautiful scarf. I would love to have one in every design. One tiny gripe.... I ordered mine online and collected it from my local Seasalt. The scarf wasn't attached in any way to the cardboard "hanger" which stayed in the bag when I took the scarf out along with the receipt, brochure etc. I had to wash the scarf after a few days of wearing as I dropped pasta on it (!) and couldn't find any washing instructions on the scarf so I put it in with my jumpers on a cold woollen wash. It came out unrecognisable as a scarf of any kind, tiny and felted. I checked in the bag and found the washing instructions in small print on the bottom of the cardboard hanger "cool hand wash etc etc". I bought another exactly the same and mentioned it to the staff member at the till who wasn't particularly forthcoming with anything helpful to say. I realise that maybe I should have checked the hanger and I would have if I'd known it was there, I also think that if an item is as delicate as this then maybe it would be better to have an attached label to draw attention to washing instructions.
I love the scarf but felt slightly aggrieved at having to replace it at my own expense, at £30 it certainly isn't cheap.

Posted by  •  15th October 2019


Hi Nelly's Ma

Thank you for your review of the Pretty Circle Scarf, but we're really sorry to hear that the scarf is now ruined.

We decided to stop attaching the Care Label to our scarves and put them on the cardboard holders instead as our customers felt the label spoiled the look of the scarf and the label could damage the scarf.

We're reallly sorry you didn't consult the Care instructions before washing the scarf; if you have any queries about washing instructions in the future, these can be found online on an item's 'Description' and 'Details', or please give our customer service team a call on 01326 640075 where we'd be more than happy to advise.

Best wishes

Fit: True to Size 
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Pretty circle scarf

I purchased the Circle scarf for my niece and all being well she will love it. I love the fact that it isn't too bulky and in such a wide range of colours. The fabric is soft and light and I may well have to purchase some more!

Posted by  •  15th September 2019

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

So glad I got these

Have been looking at these for a while and was a bit dubious of style but could not resist stormcloud pattern and so glad I went for it. Lovely and soft, experimenting with ways to wear , perfect finishing touch to lots of outfits. Went on to get the paving ecru one as well. Loving the colours in the latest collections.

Posted by  •  30th August 2019


Thanks for your lovely review and feedback.

Best wishes


Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Pretty circle scarf.

A lovely soft, lightweight scarf which is warm enough for winter too. I bought this scarf to wear with a heavyweight dark grey jersey dress with which it looks fabulous. It looks great on a warm day too with jeans and a fuschia t-shirt. Very nice flattering, versatile colours. Thank you.

Posted by  •  29th July 2019

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

A bit thin,

It’s the sort of material in which you can see the little holes.
Maybe better for summer wear,

Posted by  •  6th March 2019

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Great design

Really useful and lightweight. Colours work we'll with denim tones.
I'm sensitive to fabrics and this is super light weight and soft.

Posted by  •  26th February 2019

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