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Cute Jute

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100% Jute

All the loveliness of our natural jute shoppers, but in a smaller size. Just right for lunch or wrapping a thoughtful gift! Every season our in-house artists create brand new designs, which are screen printed by hand, making each one a little work of art.

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Average customer rating 5 out of 5, based on 563 reviews.

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Nice but smelly

Bought lots of the Seasalt jute bags as they make great present bags. The Xmas range this year seems to be a bit smelly. I know Jute can smell but these are stronger than usual.

Posted by  •  20th November 2013


Thank you so much for your review. We do find that if you hang the bags in an airy room the aroma dissapates pretty quickly. The smell is harmless and it's caused by the density of the ink that we use for our lovely unique prints. We hope this helps, but Customer Services are always available if you would like more information.
Customer Services Manager

* * - - -

too small

too small to be of much use from day to day-maybe to present a gift in but that's about it

Posted by  •  7th March 2013

* * - - -

Cute but tiny

Although the dimensions are given I hadn't appreciated how small this bag would be and am thinking about exchanging it for the other type. My fault I know but I am not sure how useful it will be as it is very petite. Well made and nice design though.

Posted by  •  20th February 2013

* - - - -

Why I wouldn't buy it.

The badger is smoking

Posted by  •  8th March 2018

* - - - -

Stinky bags

I bought 4 of these bags for a Christmas presents.
After airing them outside for a week they still have an awful stink and don't think they would be a nice present to anyone.

Posted by  •  15th December 2016


Dear Girts,
Thanks for your review; we're sorry to hear that the jute bags weren't perfect for you.

Some of our bags are printed with inks that are thinned down with natural mineral turpentine oil which may cause the aroma.
We would suggest popping the bag outside or in an airy location and you should find that the aroma fades after a few days. If this hasn't helped, we do offer returns so please don't hesitate to pop them back to us using your freepost label.

Best wishes,

* - - - -


Lovely bag but when my order arrived the smell of diesel or solvent was appalling I aired the items and smell has reduced somewhat but I was initially very disappointed. This came in a package with other items which were also contaminated with the smell resulting in not being able to wear without washing first. I have complained via customer services and they advised to air the bag, surely if this is a known issue only aired products be sent out or supplier feedback with this product finish not acceptable. On the up side the bag is pretty and now it's not smelly.I love it.

Posted by  •  13th June 2016


Hi Louise,
Thank you for your review and we're sorry the aroma of the Cute Jute was a little strong. We're aiming to have the majority of our Jute Bags printed with water based inks in the future as we've had other similar feedback. We're delighted that you love your bag and that the smell has dissipated after an airing.
Best wishes,

* - - - -


I bought these bags to use as wrapping for Christmas gifts but have been unable to use them as the smell of the bags was so unpleasant. Even after spending a week in the garage the smell was so overpowering that I had to buy alternative bags - a complete waste of money

Posted by  •  23rd December 2015

* - - - -

Too smelly

Sent for two of these bags, and although I really liked them, I just couldn't get rid of the smell. I aired them on my washing line for 2 weeks, but couldn't stand it, so have returned them...

Posted by  •  17th October 2015

Fit: True to Size 
* - - - -

Lovely little bag but v smelly!

This is a very sweet little bag but smells strongly like fuel. It's not washable & I have tried hanging it outside but without much luck. It might diminish in time but when I enter the room where the bag is I can smell it straightaway.

Posted by  •  13th September 2015


Dear AngeW
Thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear that you've been experiencing some trouble regarding the smell of our wonderful Jute Bags. The bags are printed with inks that are thinned down with natural mineral turpentine oil which is causing them to smell. We work closely with one of the leading test houses in the world and they confirmed that is safe to use Mineral Turpentine oil, but they warned us that our customers may dislike the smell. We know that the smell disappears after a short amount of time and we’ve aired the bags but we have found that some of our customers are still receiving bags that smell. We would suggest popping the bag outside to air it further, but if you find that it’s just too much for you then please do let us know. With this in mind we have started to develop water based inks with our supplier and we are doing trials for this. We are working towards all of the Jute bags being printed with water based inks in our future collections.
Best wishes, Seasalt

* - - - -

Unfortunately stinks

very disappointed, nice looking however absolutely stinks (foosty damp rotten smell). No better after a few weeks. Unable to use, going to the bin. Avoid

Posted by  •  19th December 2013

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