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    Everyday we're inspired by the place in which we live, so it's only natural that our garments speak of the landscapes, people and heritage of Cornwall. Here are some of our inspiration stories, we hope you enjoy.
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    Our Autumn Winter 2014 collection is inspired by the stories of Denys Val Baker, a family friend who wrote many entertaining tales of his family in West Cornwall in the 1950’s and beyond. Denys loved Cornwall, its landscape, the people and its creativity. All of this has influenced our new designs.

    The setting for this season is Penwith in West Cornwall. It’s a beautiful area where a few of us at Seasalt were brought up. Denys really captured the magic of Cornwall in his writing and his books are very special.

    These are the stories behind our garments. You’ll find unique prints, inspired wet weather gear, guides to people and places we know and love, locally made traditional Cornish smocks, maritime workwear and Guernsey knits and prints by local artists.