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    03.  Introduction
    04.  Meet the Windows Team
    05.  Creating our window displays

    06.  The Windows
    07.  Rose Garden
    08.  Beachcombing
    09.  Artists Studio
    10.  Wild Flower Walks
    11.  Festival of Rain
    12.  Garden Birdboxes
    13.  Origami Boats
    14.  Pirate Hats

    15.   Christmas Windows
    16.  Christmas by the Sea
    17.  Cosmic Christmas
    18.  Christmas Sweet Treats

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    Every Seasalt window is bespoke and completely unique…

    Our team (say hello overleaf) design with a vintage feel and tweak the windows to fit each of our shops.

    They’re different from the average, identikit shop window. We practice a more
    old-fashioned style of window dressing to
    try and bring some fun and creativity to the high street. They speak volumes about who we are and where we come from, as well as all the beautiful things we sell.

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    Seasalt’s window dressers are based in the attic of our Falmouth shop. There’s not alot of headroom but the view over the harbour is great! Up here they design and plan and make all the props that appear in our windows each month.

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    Cornwall is packed with inspiration; from the landscape & wildlife, to the sea & maritime history & the vibrant art scene. We also get lots of ideas from art & craft books and magazines.

    The window design starts with a moodboard and sketches before we move on to making props...

    Most of our props are hand made. We sew, felt, glue, paint & all sorts of other craft techniques to make our windows completely unique.

    Other props are hunted down in local charity shops and boatyards or found with a bit of beachcombing.

    Once all the preparations are done,the window team hit the road. They visit each Seasalt shop to assemble the display.

  • The Windows

    All Seasalt shops get
    a new display every month,
    here’s some of our favourites
    from the last few years...

  • Rose Garden

    May 2012

    How to make
    paper roses
    watch now

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    April 2012
    Beach Combing

    Here in Cornwall we love a spot of beach combing! This window combined nautical outfits with driftwood, ropes, sea urchins & other beach treasures.

    Shells were strung together or mounted on little sticks & we couldn’t resist drawing faces on the buoys in the kids’ windows! .

    The Nautical Look

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    January 2012
    Artist Studio

    For the launch of the Artists & Potters Collection the windows were filled with artists’ materials and palettes of lovely soft pastel colours.

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    March 2011
    Wild Flower Walks

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    Feb 2011

    Here in Cornwall we know a thing or two about rain. Instead of grumbling we thought we’d celebrate with a window of raincoats, umbrellas and cats and dogs!


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    October 2010
    Garden Bird Boxes
    Bundles of twigs, garden tools and funky fabric covered birdboxes create an autumn mood to go with wellies, gilets & Tin Cloth® jackets.

  • Origami Boats

    October 2009

    How to make
    your own fleet
    of paper boats
    watch now

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    June 2010

    The Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival inspired this window of nautical outfits topped with fun hats made from card, felt and stripey fabric.

    (or we’ll make you walk the plank!)
    Download instructions

    Make your own Pirate Hat

  • Christmas Windows

    December 2008

    The window team really like to go
    to town on the Christmas windows
    & save their most elaborate ideas
    for the December display...

  • Christmas by the Sea

    December 2010

    Traditional Christmas decorations with a seaside twist!
    We made wreaths with mussel and scallop shells from
    local restaurants and added starfish ‘stars’ and snow
    frosting in the shape of coral. Fancy making a sea
    shell wreath?Watch our ‘how-to’ video >

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    December 2009
    Cosmic Christmas

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    December 2011
    Christmas Sweet Treats


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